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Investing in digital assets and blockchain companies, providing investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space.


TIMES CAPITAL is a Hong Kong regulated investment fund specializing in blockchain investments. Our primary objective is to actively participate in and drive the development of the blockchain ecosystem. We are deeply committed to identifying and supporting innovative projects within this dynamic domain.


We adhere to stringent regulatory standards and uphold a meticulous approach to investment decision-making.  Our team of seasoned professionals diligently evaluates opportunities within the blockchain space, ensuring they align with our carefully crafted investment strategy and robust risk management framework.

We actively seek out projects and ventures that exhibit strong growth potential and long-term viability. Through our extensive expertise and well-established network, we contribute to the advancement of these industries by providing critical capital, invaluable guidance, and strategic support to promising ventures.


At TIMES CAPITAL, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and propelling the evolution of blockchain technology. Our unwavering commitment to compliance, thorough due diligence, and prudent investment practices positions us as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and investors seeking exposure to the transformative potential of the blockchain ecosystem.

We strive to be a different kind of investor.

Our investment funds offer investors a comprehensive range of exposure opportunities in the market, encompassing both illiquid venture capital assets, such as early-stage tokens and multi-stage venture capital equity, as well as more liquid assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This diverse portfolio allows investors to access a wide spectrum of investment options within the space, catering to their specific risk preferences and investment objectives.


Investors gain equity exposure to companies developing blockchain products and services. Our esteemed reputation and technical prowess enable us to possess virtual market visibility, leading approximately half of our portfolio company investments.


Our pick for the best way to invest in metaverse is through metaverse games or via the best metaverse NFT projects. The growth in this area of gaming over the past year has been exponential, driven by high-profile projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox.


Exposure to new, efficient, and scalable protocols. Similar to venture capital equity, but investing in tokens (not companies) during the private stage at a discount to the listing price.


The GameFi industry has opened up a new spectrum of investment opportunities. The emergence of countless gaming crypto projects can make it challenging to pick one or two of the most promising GameFi projects to make an investment in.

Taking long odds on extraordinary outcomes

Our mission is to help blockchain and crypto companies to accelerate their vision in building tomorrow’s unicorns.


We believe in people. Blockchain is about constant iteration, community involvement, and hustle. Our experience has shown us that a strong management team is the clearest indicator of success. We like gritty, resilient teams who can move at the pace of innovation that blockchain demands.​

Value Add

We have community, product, and trading experience. We understand end-users across geographies, know what they want from products, and can help projects build for communities. Our team enables full-stack partnerships with projects. Times Capital aims to catalyze your business on every conceivable level, with marketing, trading functions, product, and strategy-focused team members that can assist where needed.

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